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Revo Stage 1 – 2.0L TSI Audi S1

From: £718.80 inc VAT

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Product Description

This price is for the Revo software only.
We recommend adding some extras listed below to take full advantage of the software.
  • REVO Stage 1 Software up to 324ps & 488Nm of torque.
  • Recommend Clutch on manual cars.
  • REVO Replacement Air filter element or air intake system.
  • NOTE: Power is dependant on Fuel Quality, Performance Settings and Conditions

The S1 is essentially a production evolution of the limited edition A1 Quattro and shares its name with the original fire-spitting group B monster the SWB S1 sports Quattro. Our order was placed as soon as they became available! With impressive Stock performance of  231PS and 370NM the S1 justifies it’s supermini staus. However, a few early reviews suggested the car, although quick, didn’t feel as quick as they had expected given its small design and power to weight ratio.

The engine/turbocharger setup is similar to what is found in the  MK7 Golf Gti and Skoda Octavia vRS, Our R&D team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise with this engine, which allowed them to hit the ground running the minute our own S1 arrived. They then spent the next few months learning the stock characteristics of the S1 and how the power and torque were delivered through the 4 wheel drive Quattro system. Once calibration and development started it soon became apparent that the S1 had a lot of potential hidden away, it was down to Revo to extract this and develop the Stage 1 software.

After months of development and testing, Stage 1 software is available. Power and torque follow the factory delivery, just with increased performance , the S1 has been given the extra vigour to make it feel quick, as well as being a very quick supermini.





The top speed limit for this vehicle has been unlocked.



Switchable Mapping for Fuel and Boost Settings




Revo Audi S1 Stage 1

Audi S1 2015 – Dyno Graph (WHP/NM)

Revo Audi S1 Stage 1

Audi S1 2015 – Power Dyno Graph (WHP)

Revo Audi S1 Stage 1

Audi S1 2015 – Torque Dyno Graph (NM)
*All graph data produced using a 2015 Audi S1 2.0TSI with  Manual Gearbox with Standard Shell vpower Pump Fuel


Your Revo software is switchable between Stock, two performance modes and an anti-theft mode using a Revo SPS.

  • Setting #1 on your SPS sets your vehicle to stock*
  • Setting #2 on your SPS sets your vehicle to Revo Performance mode A (Tuned for lower octane pump fuel/poor operating conditions)
  • Setting #3 on your SPS sets your vehicle to Revo Performance mode B (Tuned for higher octane pump fuel/good operating conditions)
  • Setting #4 on your SPS sets your vehicle to Revo Anti-Theft Mode
  • *NOTE: Stock mode is not completely stock, it will run similar performance levels to a stock vehicle. Your Revo dealer has a complete factory stock file, if any main dealer warranty or servicing work is required, we recommend returning your vehicle to complete stock.

There are options for which performance modes are flashed to your vehicle:

  • 95ron, 97ron, and Anti-Theft
  • 95ron, 98ron, and Anti-Theft
  • 95ron low boost*, 97ron Low Boost* and Anti-Theft
  • 95ron low boost*, 98ron Low Boost* and Anti-Theft
  • *NOTE: Low Boost mode is designed as an option for manual cars where you have clutch longevity worries