We carry out all types or service and repair work to very high standards. We can access and fill in the new electronic online service books for VW, Audi, SEAT and Skoda. Our workshop team are fully Audi trained technicians with over 40 years of experience is servicing and repairing VW group vehicles. We have a continued investment in training and equipment giving us access to the latest equipment and repair information.

Notes about how often to service your vehicle.

There are two types of service schedule available: Fixed (serviced every 10,000 miles or 1 year) and Flexible (up to 20,000 miles or 2 years). When you buy a new car you should be asked how you intent to use it so the service schedule can be set accordingly. We see most cars set to a flexible service schedule.
We recommend a flexible schedule for customers who do higher mileage and regular longer distances driving. We recommend a fixed schedule for customers who do lower mileage driving typically 10,000 miles or less per year and who do more town driving like the school run. Lost of short journeys are not so good for your engine as the oil never gets really hot so it is important to have the oil changed more regularly.

FREE Diagnostic Check

We will carry out a FREE diagnostic check using the latest equipment. If you have a check light on your dashboard it is vital that you get your car checked as soon as possible. In most cases it is a simple component that has failed or is failing. Some of the most common sensors to fail are the coolant temp sensor, lambda probe, coil pack, split vacuum lines and DPF sensors. A faulty sensor may not apper to be afecting your car but it could be causing futher problems down the road and costing you FUEL.

Safety Checks

During any of our vechile services we will carry out a visual inspection of key safety parts, including wheels and tyres, brakes, suspension & bushes, lights and electrics, followed by an external and internal vehicle inspection together with checks on the underside of the car and under-bonnet. Vital fluids will then be checked, including coolant, brake fluid, engine oil. Warn suspension bushes and under inflated tyres make your car less stable and affect braking efficiency, tyre wear and FUEL economy and over all saftey of your vehicle.

Four wheel alignment (4WA)

VAGtech are able to offer four wheel alignment checks and adjustments using the very accurate main dealer spec Beissbarth 1813F alignment system as used for professional measurement in line with demands set by the automobile industry with original VAG test routines. Poor wheel alinment can aftect the sability of the car, tyre ware, fuel economey and saftey.

Brakes & Tyers

Brakes and Tyres are some of the most important parts of your vehicle and need to be properly maintained. Having well maintained brakes and tyres will mean when you really need them in an emergency stop they will do their job. Brake discs ware down as you use the brakes, this reduces the thickness of the disc and generates a lip on the outer edge. Warn discs are far less effective. Brake pads have a material bonded to a backing plate, this wares down as you use the brakes. Warn brake pads are far less effective. Tyres have a tread depth, 1.6 mm is the UK legal limit. Warn tyres are far less effective. We recommend tyres and brakes are cheeked regularly.

Suspension and bushes

Suspension and Bushes are another important part of your vehicle that are often overlooked. The springs and dampers are the main component. Dampers (Shock absorbers) are filled with oil and smooth out the ride. Warn dampers will affect the vehicles stability and can affect braking performance. Springs support the weight of the vehicle but lose their properties over time and often brake. Bushes are made from rubber and support suspension parts like wishbones and anti-roll bars. Warn bushed won’t support the suspension component properly allowing for more movement, this can cause stability problems tyre ware and tracking issues. In most cases we will recommend replacing bushes with better ones made from polyurethane, they offer better support and don’t wear out like rubber.

Clutches & Gearbox

Lots of vehicles use automatic transmissions now the DSG gearbox is popular in lots of vehicles. Duel clutch gearboxes still use a clutch, there are 2 main types, a wet clutch and dry clutch. There are various versions of DSG gearbox paired up with different engines. Bigger engines usually use a bigger gearbox. There is a control system to automate changing gear, this is called a Mechatronic. We see problems with Mechatronic units in various vehicles and clutch packs on the smaller engine vehicles waring out. There are still plenty of manual vehicles and clutch replacement is still required when the clutch has warn out.

Listed below are the most common services we offer. Not everything is listed please contact us if you have a different requirement.

  • Diagnostic checks for lights on the dash.
  • Diagnostic checks for running faults and noises.
  • Oil Change service.
  • Interim service.
  • Major service.
  • Performance Service.
  • MOT.
  • Four-wheel alignment (4WA).
  • Air conditioning service & system sanitation.
  • Brake fluid change.
  • Retrofit genuine cruise control systems
  • S Tronic / DSG gearbox Service. (Duel clutch automatic gearbox)
  • DSG cltuch and mechatronic repaires.
  • Haldex Servicing & Sports deferential. service (4-wheel drive systems)
  • Clutch Replacement.
  • Cam belt service.
  • Timing chain repairs.
  • Turbo replacement.
  • EGR replacement.
  • Suspension and bush work.
  • Engine overalls and swaps.
  • Electronics diagnosis and fault finding.