FREE Diagnostic Check

We will carry out a FREE diagnostic check using the latest equipment as used by the manufacturer. If you have a check light on your dashboard it is vital that you get your car checked as soon as possible. In most cases it is a simple component that has failed or is failing. Some of the most common sensors to fail are the coolant temp sensor, lambda probe, coil pack and split vacuum lines.

A faulty sensor may not cause any harm to your engine but it could be costing you FUEL

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Vechicle Servicing

Owners whose vehicles are covered under an existing manufacturers warranty need not worry about invalidating this when using VAGtech for their servicing needs. The newly introduced Block Exemption rule allows out of dealer network servicing to take place without impacting on your warranty.
During servicing we carry out various safety checks and inspections following the recommended manufacturers inspections as well as our own additional checks.
Diagnostic work and guided fault finding are assisted by ODIS and VAG-COM test equipment. In addition to this, all servicing work at VAGtech is carried out using genuine manufacturers parts only, unless otherwise requested.

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Safety Check

We will carry out a visual inspection of key safety parts, including wheels and tyres, brakes, hubs, lights and electrics, followed by an external and internal vehicle inspection together with checks on the underside of the car and under-bonnet. Vital fluids will then be checked and topped up, including coolant, brake fluid, engine oil and screen wash.

Under inflated tyres make your car less stable and affect braking efficiency, tyre wear and FUEL economy.

A clean windscreen aids vision especially at night and in wet conditions, we now do a range of aero wiper kits for most models.

Part of the government casualty reduction scheme is to encourage car owners to carry out weekly safety checks.
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Air-Con Re-gassing

VAGtech are able to re-gas your cars air conditioning system as well as carry out leak and diagnostic checks to ensure correct operation. This is a fully automated system and we suggest that this is carried out every two years.

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Tyre Fitting Service

Using the latest equipment we can fit and accurately balance your tyres. Our tyre fitting machine has a special arm so no tyre leavers are required when installing tyres, this eliminates the chance of any damage to the wheel. We are able to supply most makes of tyres.

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Beisbarth four wheel alignment (4WA)

VAGtech are able to offer four wheel alignment checks and adjustments using the very accurate main dealer spec Beissbarth 1813F alignment system as used for professional measurement in line with demands set by the automobile industry with original VAG test routines.The Beissbarth system allows us to:

At front axle:

  • Toe-in (Single and overall toe-in, in relation to the geometric driving axis)
  • Camber (When driving straight ahead, or aero toe-in)
  • Wheel offset
  • Caster. Inclination and toe-out on turns. (Measured together using a steering lock routine)

At rear axle:

  • Toe-in (Individual and overall toe in, in relation to central longitudinal plane of the vehicle)
  • Driving axle angle
  • Camber

And in addition to this:

  • Rear wheel offset
  • Wheel base differential
  • Offset right
  • Offset left
  • Toe-in differential
  • Axle offset

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Retrofit genuine cruise control systems

All post 2000 VAG vehicles are applicable for cruise control. If not fitted from the factory, VAGtech can offer a retrofit service using genuine parts.

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