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Vagtech Stage 3 – 2.0L TFSI Scirocco R


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Product Description

VAGtech recommend the following components in our Stage 3

  • REVO Stage 2 Software    315 – 330 bhp    323 – 343 lbft
  • REVO Race Air intake system
  • Forge Replacement Dump Valve kit
  • Exhaust system from turbo back with hi flow sports cat

As with Stages 1 and 2, Stage 3 combines the optimization of engine management system with the cat back sports exhaust but in addition to this uses a Milltek hi flow cat and downpipe. 330 bhp is possible because the free flowing exhaust system allows the 2.0T engine to breath more easily making it even more efficient.  Very good gains are felt in the midrange.

Stage 2 Performance Software has been specifically developed to attain the best possible performance from the 2.0TFSI K04 with a bolt on performance exhaust and quality cold air intake. Stage 2 allows you to run a sports cat or de-cat without the CEL (Check Engine Light) being triggered by a ‘CAT Efficiency’ error code. Stage 2 software is boost, fuelling and timing adjustable with slightly more flexibility than Stage 1 allowing the vehicle to be setup to suit the fuel quality, driving conditions and driver preferences. 2.0TFSI K04 Stage 2 software is specifically tuned to suit the limitations of the standard high pressure fuel pump limiting the mid-range and giving a fantastic linear power delivery.

Driving a Stage 1 vehicle really puts into perspective how much potential the standard car has, the Revo’d car revs with much greater urgency, using full throttle there’s a push in the back from the new found torque. Power delivery is smooth and progressive; this car eats the road up in a way you wouldn’t expect yet is just as comfortable popping to the shops and driving around town. Performance increases are significant, but drivability isn’t lost.


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