Tuning | | Revo Stage 1 - 2.0L TFSI KO3 (200PS)
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Revo Stage 1 – 2.0L TFSI KO3 (200PS)

From: £418.80 inc VAT

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Product Description

This price is for the Revo software only.
We recommend adding some extras listed below to take full advantage of the software.
  • REVO Stage 1 Software gain upto 260PS and 385 Nm of tourque
  • Revo stage 1 DSG software for DSG cars.
  • REVO Replacement Air filter element recomended
  • Latest DV from MK7 Golf recomended
  • Latest revision PCV recomended
  • Healthy FSi fuel system
  • Clutch on high milage cars may need replacing.
  • NOTE: Power is dependant on Fuel Quality, Performance Settings and Conditions.

Stage 1 software details for your 2.0 TFSI – Turbo K03 (200 PS – 197 bhp)

Stage 1 software is a must have for any 2.0TFSI. With power and torque increases throughout the entire rev range and very smooth power delivery, Revo Software gives the 2.0TFSI engine the performance it should have had when originally released.

Driving a Stage 1 2.0TFSI really puts into perspective how much potential the standard car has, the Revo’d car revs with much greater urgency, using full throttle there’s a push in the back from the new found torque. Power delivery is smooth and progressive; this car eats the road up in a way you wouldn’t expect yet is just as comfortable popping to the shops and driving around town. Performance increases are significant, but drivability isn’t lost.