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Product Description

The Revo intake features a motorsport-quality-proven, three-layer filter, with an impressive 857cm² surface area supported by galvanised, epoxy-coated mesh ensuring the filter cannot collapse. The filter has a large 180mm external diameter body and a smooth radius aluminium bell mouth specifically designed for optimum airflow from filter to pipe-work. The lightweight aluminium one piece intake has an integral MAF housing scaled to correct factory specification. To maximise airspeed the pipe diameter is kept constant through the large radius bends and smoothly tapers to the MAF housing without any stepped joins. The silicone inlet pipe has a relaxed radius bend and is stepped onto the turbo to ensure a smooth transition and to maintain optimum gas speeds. The K04 diverter take-off has been carefully designed to ensure there is no disruption to airflow within the pipe. The intake features a laser-cut aluminium heat-shield that ensures the filter is well insulated from ambient under-bonnet temps, the shielding is designed to seal against the underneath of the bonnet liner and makes use of the ducting in the factory grill to maximise airflow and prevent heat-soak. The result is a system that offers over 25% less restriction than its closest competitor, allowing your car to breathe as it should do.

The graph above shows the average flow taken from two flow tests done on a currently marketed high flow competitor intake set up and the newly developed REVO kit. The graph shows the level of restriction caused in MMwg at certain CFM points, the higher the reading the more restrictive the airflow is. The kits were bench flowed on a calibrated setup a number of times to gain an average airflow, the results speak for themselves the Revo kit is much less restrictive showing a noticeable difference in overall capacity of air each unit could flow, giving far more potential for high output cars.