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Golf R Variant 7.5 Stage 2 tuning

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  • June 18, 2019

Adam came to us with an enquiry about some upgrade performance parts but also with a problem with his Golf R Variant. He had just had a lovely turbo back exhaust fabricated by CSK Exhausts but now had an Engine Management light on. As the factory catalyst had been replaced with a freer flowing sports cat the ECU was identifying a problem and throwing a light on the dash. After a chat about the issue and some advice on the other parts he wanted to get fitted we got the car booked in for a Stage 2 map to make the most of the hardware that the Variant was going to be fitted with. To go with the Revo Stage 2 Software, Adam opted for a Revo Carbon Series Intake in Matte and a Forge Front Mount Intercooler. The car was dropped to us and Adam took one our loan cars so he wasn’t without transport while we transformed his already quick estate into an animal!

We got the car in on the ramp and plugged it into out VAGcom Diagnostics to see what the fault was with the car, as predicted the CAT efficiency was out of range. We then took to stripping off the front end so we could upgrade the intercooler and intake system with performance parts from Revo and Forge Motorsport. The bumper, grill, headlights, archliners, washer bottle and many plugs were disconnected. The parts pile looked like we had opened a chop shop! After removing the factory intercooler and replacing it with the Forge version. The disassembly process was reversed and the Golf started to look like a Golf again. With the front end back together and Revo Intake fitted the car was ready for Software.

We touched base with Adam once the car was back together and discussed the new Revo Overrun Map they had produced for the VW MQB Stage 2 vehicles. Essentially the overrun setting gives an audible crackle/rumble from the exhaust, like the Audi RS systems. It only works when you are moving and certain other criteria are met like being in Sport/Manual mode for DSG or Dynamic for the Manuals, the engine being warm enough and the throttle being closed. After a brief chat about it Adam decided to opt for the Map which costs and extra £100+VAT. Once the software was installed we ran the car up to temperature and then went out to datalog the vehicle. The car pulled like a train and all the data readings were well within spec. Running Premium fuel the car made 396bhp and 556nm and was given back to a very happy Adam. Here’s what he had to say:

 “I absolutely love it to be honest. It’s a car of many abilities more so than ever. If I put it in eco and trundle down the motorway I get substantially better MPG and when I want to hoon about a bit or overtake it absolutely flies off the mark no matter what speed or gear you are in when you put your foot down. Also the overrun crackle is such a laugh when you are feeling like it and I’m very happy you can turn it off as I imagine my neighbours would hate me otherwise. Thank you for the work you guys did and in short time as well.”

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