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Audi S8 Tuning 4.0 Twin turbo

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  • January 6, 2016

Audi S8 Tuning 4.0 Twin Turbo upto 682BHP and 902 Nm of torque

Revo stage 1 software and Milltek exhaust system

Stage 1 software details for your AUDI, S8, 4.0 Twin Turbo (520ps)

We have designed Stage 1 to compliment a factory standard 4.0TT engine, giving the perfect balance between performance, power delivery and reliability. With inbuilt fuel octane modes to suit 95ron, 97ron and 98/99ron quality fuel you have the ability to maximise the potential of the vehicle for your conditions and the fuel quality being used. With close to 100hp and well over 100Nm peak increase at the wheels along with fantastic gains throughout the rev-range Stage1 offers a great performance improvement over a standard vehicle. Our testing showed 0-60mph in under 3seconds, 0-100mph in well under 7seconds with huge improvements in midrange torque.

Fast Facts

0-60mph in under 3seconds
0-100mph in under 7 seconds
Left Foot Braking Enabled
Speed limiter derestricted
Fuel octane specific performance modes*


Milltek Cat-back Non-resonated (louder). Titanium Tips exhaust system provides the sound track and aids the flow of exhaust gasses to improve the efficiency of the over all package



Customer testimonial

Dear Victoria & Ben,
May I firstly, wish you both a Happy New Year- Trust you both had a good break?  Now, may I also thank you both for a fantastic job on the S8!!  The combination of the Revo remap and the Miltek exhaust has completely transformed what was already a very fast automobile into something that is mind-blowingly quick and sounds incredible. Having now driven the car up and down to Glasgow a few times and on a variety of mixed urban, A roads and motorways I am in a better position to feedback to you.

The standard S8 is a very very quick car but to a real Petrolhead just lacks that raw edge. That said if you are a traditional S8 buyer then you probably don’t want something that is lairy  all the time or else you would have gone for a C63 AMG Black Edition or the like – great fun BUT can’t live with it day in day out?!  The S8 had performance and comfort in spades but didn’t ignite the senses…….. until now. What has been unleashed is truly awesome. The power increase is quite staggering and the sound of the miltek exhaust is intoxicating. What is the complete package is that if you want to blend in calm it all down the exhaust and the Revo remap allows you to do that very very easily. If you want to have fun you only need to select S or Manual gear changes when the car’s warmed up and it completely transforms into a complete animal.
On longer runs on the higher power setting and 98RON fuel it will still return a respectable 27 – 30mpg which is only about 10% down on what the standard car was doing which considering the fact that there is a touch off 700PS on tap is incredible. Let’s face it whilst fuel economy is a very nice to have it’s not usually top of the list for a Petrolhead or someone buying an S8.

To sense check if I had lost objectivity I asked a friend of mine who owns a new Ferrari 458 Italia and a stage 4 tunned Nissan GTR to take the Revo tuned S8 for a run. He was also blown away and freely admitted that it would certainly outrun the Ferrari and on a very similar par to the Nissan GTR. However, I then asked him to drive to ‘quietly and in Drive’ for 30mins and he just could not believe it was the same car and the overall package easily trumped the Supercar alternatives which are both amazing on a Sunday afternoon blast but not on mid Winter drive back from Glasgow in the dark and the rain when you are tired…?!

From the outside, apart from the large Miltek titanium cans at the back you would easily miss the S8 which I kind of like.   It has to be the ultimate stealth fighter.

Guys, for anyone who has bought an Audi S8 D4 and loves the standard car but feel it lacks that hit on the senses then this is a phenomenal tuning package and compared to what the new Audi S8 + is selling for is  much better and a much more economical way of doing it. I have driven, riden and flown some very powerful bits of kit and this S8 transformation has left me open mouthed and in AWE. This is now the car that every S8 Buyer truly wanted to have and probably better than an RS8 would have been…?!!

Thanks. You have made an already happy Petrolhead much more happy…..!!


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