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Audi RS3 & TTRS 400PS Tuning

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  • July 1, 2018

Revo stage 1 software tuning for RS3 & TTRS 400PS

Possibly one of the most anticipated software releases is finally here. Over a year in development, covering over 25,000 miles globally on both the RS3 and TTRS which share the 2.5TFSI engine, testing was carried out on 3 vehicles in the UK and 12 vehicles in 6 continents. Involving vehicles in Germany, Croatia, Malta, Australia, Peru, Russia, South Africa, China, Brazil and Mexico.

We are now in a position to offer a global release for Revo Stage 1 ECU Software for the RS3 & TTRS 400 PS.

Stage 1 Software

  • Power: 455 – 490 PS (Fuel Dependant 95 -100ron)
  • Torque: 565 – 590 NM.
  • Fueling Options: 95ron, 95 Low Boost, 98ron, 98 Low Boost, 100ron.
  • SPS Switchable: Stock and 3 Performance Modes.
  • Left Foot Braking – Enabled.
  • Speed Limit – Unlocked.
  • Cold Start Protection – Oil Temperature based rev limit.
  • Temperature Protection.
  • Optimatised Launch Control.
  • Calibrated Power & Torque Gauges – Full power shown when engine reaches full power.
  • Improved Sports Mode – Exhaust valves are fully open in Sports Mode.

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