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SEAT Leon Cupra R MK2 tuning

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  • December 2, 2015

VAGtech stage 3 tune is made up of the following components and features Revo stage 2 software

  • REVO Stage 2 Software    315 – 330 bhp    323 – 343 lbft
  • REVO Air intake system or panel filter
  • Forge Replacement Dump Valve kit
  • Exhaust system from turbo back with hi flow sports cat

Stage 2 Performance Software has been specifically developed to attain the best possible performance from the 2.0TFSI K04 with a bolt on performance exhaust and quality cold air intake. Stage 2 allows you to run a sports cat or de-cat without the CEL (Check Engine Light) being triggered by a ‘CAT Efficiency’ error code. Stage 2 software is boost, fuelling and timing adjustable with slightly more flexibility than Stage 1 allowing the vehicle to be setup to suit the fuel quality, driving conditions and driver preferences. 2.0TFSI K04 Stage 2 software is specifically tuned to suit the limitations of the standard high pressure fuel pump limiting the mid-range and giving a fantastic linear power delivery.



MK2 Cupra R stage 2a

Revo hi flow intake system allows the engine to breath more easily. Allowing more air into the turbocharger quickly and easily aids when increasing the performance and is an important part in a good balanced setup.

MK2 Cupra R stage 2b

MK2 Cupra R stage 2c

Milltek turbo back exhaust system also helps the engine breath more easily and helps get the hot exhaust gasses away from the turbo and head to keep internal combustion temperatures under control.

MK2 Cupra R stage 2d

Revo pendulum mount kit to help reduce the movement of the engine under acceleration. The extra twisting force achieved from the engine software and associated hardware is kept to a minimum with this mount. The end result is more of the increased power is transmitted into the wheels and not wasted moving the engine and better gear changes as the cable change mechanism dose not move as much.

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