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Haldex Performance Controllers Gen 4


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Product Description

Applications: Audi TTRS, Audi RS3

The sophisticated Haldex based all wheel drive system used in various vehicles monitors throttle input, ABS wheel speed sensors, steering angle, etc to anticipate and distribute torque transfer from the engine to the drive line.

Specially prepared Haldex control units are able to alter the time in which the system reacts to these dynamic changes and and how it reacts to them; creating more favorable or aggressive handling characteristics.

This upgrade increases torque transmission at acceleration providing consistent performance with increased over-steer. The torque-transmission is influenced by how fast you press the accelerator down. The Haldex system can transmit torque before the engine delivers torque. At greater speeds the torque will decrease enabling less over-steer and safer driving properties.

The advantages of this HPP upgrade are its ability to predict the onset of torque. This upgrade takes into account the TPS signal more so than the OEM software and therefore can proactively begin applying power to the RWD clutch packs before wheel spin begins. As power is increased, more power lock occurs in the RWD unit until full lock is achieved. To summarize, the new HPP is more aggressive with how it transfers power and does so much more proactively than the OEM system.

While sharing the OE and RACE modes of the Generation 2 controller, the Generation 4 controller replaces SPORT mode with ECO mode.

Eco mode was developed for increased fuel efficiency. Its purpose is to reduce the torque transfer from front to rear during normal highway driving (coasting), but will immediately engage the system if a wheel starts to slip to prevent decreased traction situations. This mode is recommended to be used when 4 wheel drive is not a high priority.

By default, the controller is designed to be in Race mode. With the installation of a wireless receiver and remote, you can have instant access to all three of the programs built into the controller; Stock, Sport, and Race.


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