Tuning | | 500 PS Package – 2.0L TSI MQB
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500 PS Package – 2.0L TSI MQB

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Product Description

This tuning package will get you up to 500 PS and 580 Nm of torque. Below is our list of recommended software and hardware to achieve this.
  • REVO IS38ETR V2 Enhanced Turbo.
  • High-Pressure fuel pump upgrade.
  • Low-Pressure fuel pump upgrade.
  • REVO Stage 3 Software up to 520ps & 580 Nm of torque.
  • REVO Stage 3 or 4 DSG software for DSG cars.
  • REVO intake system open cone or carbon system.
  • REVO Intercooler pipe kit.
  • Uprated intercooler from Revo or Forge.
  • Milltek full turbo back exhaust system Inc. hi flow sports cat. There are several cat back options.
  • Clutch upgrade has to be done on manual cars.
  • Brakes need to be upgraded.
  • Uprated sparkplugs must be fitted.
  • Uprated engine mounts are recommended.
  • Uprated suspension is recommended.
  • Good quality tyres are recommended.
  • The car needs to be well maintained. Good quality oil must be used all the time.
  • NOTE: Power is dependant on Fuel Quality, Performance Settings and Conditions.

This is an amazing upgrade tuning this already quick car into a real supper car. The work Revo have done to achieve this state of tune from this engine is remarkable. But it is not for everyone this setup will change how the car drives the boost will come in a bit later, the car will feel less punch low down but it will pull like a train to the read line. You need all the modification for this setup there are no corners to cut. This setup is very reliable we have over 80 thousand miles of reliable driving across all the customers cars we have installed it on.


Performance testing was carried out on a private track in the UK on a 2014 VW Golf R with DSG transmission. Revo Rv019 19″ wheels with Nankang road tyres, traction control off and 99RON Shell vPower. The average performance times are taken from 5 consecutive runs.

0-60 mph 0-100 mph 30-130 mph 100-200 kph
Stock 4.90 s 12.30 s – s – s
Revo Stage 1 3.71 s 9.05 s – s – s
Revo IS38ETR v2 3.11 s 7.10 s 11.16 s 7.82 s

Combining Revo’s expertise in hardware design, development, testing and manufacture with Revo Performance Software the outcome is a complete package to rival anything from an OEM Manufacturer. The IS38 ETR Turbo upgrade is designed to provide a completely reliable solution giving up to 520BHP/580NM on EA888 Gen3 vehicles running on stock engine internals.

Enhancing the vehicle with Revo ECU Software gives you much more than just an increase in power and torque. It feels more responsive and offers a huge improvement throughout the whole rev range, something that only the driven will understand and demand.

Only Revo performance ECU Software maintains factory safety levels and additional driving features. You can also choose between four pre-set fuel quality modes depending on which fuel you use. The Revo SPS Software Switch is also available separately, which can be used to quickly switch between a low boost mode and 3 other performance modes for 97, 98 and 100ron fuel quality.




Switchable software for 4 performance modes.3


Boost is limited until safe oil temperature is reached.


Enhanced engine cooling and oil temperature management.


The top speed limit for this vehicle has been removed.


RPM Limit has been increased for optimal performance.


Left foot braking has been enabled on this vehicle.


Enhanced exhaust note on overrun in Sports Mode.5



Only Revo operates a Global Development Programme through its network of over 400 Revo Authorised Dealers worldwide. Access to vehicles on this scale enables the calibration team to fine-tune products before release, testing products in a wide range of climates and conditions including altitude, fuel quality, humidity. This also allows Revo to test how Revo products perform in different driving scenarios and formed a vital part in the development of Performance ECU Software.

Initial development for the Revo IS38 ETR package started back in 2016. Since then it has undergone exhaustive testing through the Global Development Programme on multiple cars, covering over 200,000 miles. During this time, Performance ECU Software has been fine-tuned along with required Revo hardware to ensure the final package is the best available. Running 500HP usually requires special consideration, something easy to forget when the Revo package offers such responsive driving. That’s why additional features such as cold and hot oil temperature protection have been added which reduce power and risk to engine components, along with engine oil cooler valve optimisation and turbo heat management.




2.0T EA888 GEN3 IS38 ETR Performance ECU Software
2.0T EA888 GEN3 IS38 ETR Performance ECU Software

Dyno testing was carried on our inhouse DynaPack chassis dynamometer, which measures performance at the wheel hubs, for comparisons between a Stock VW Golf R with IS38 Turbo and the same vehicle fitted with a full Revo performance Pack and IS38ETR V1 and V2 turbos.

  • Stock Golf R Peak performance: 283HP / 379NM (HP at the hubs)
  • IS38 ETR Peak performance:: 457HP / 567NM (HP at the hubs)
  • Peak Gains: +174HP / +188NM
  • Max Gains Over Stock: +183HP @ 6500RPM / +188NM @ 4600RPM
  • Max Gains over IS38 ETR V1: +21HP @ 3300RPM / +47NM @3300RPM


For engine oil to work effectively and lubricate your engine it needs time to warm up. When you first start your car, the cold oil is at its thickest, producing higher oil pressure when pumped around the engine putting extra pressure on oil seals. As the engine temperature increases, so does the oil temperature. This thins the oil, enabling it to run more freely and better lubricate the moving parts of your engine. Cold Start Protection helps protect engine components by limiting turbo boost based on RPM and oil temperature until it reaches the 80ºC optimum operating level.


Revo Temperature Protection is an additional safety feature that reduces overall load as the oil temperature passes a set limit. Exhaust gas temperatures (EGT) are also monitored, adapting the operating conditions (Air Fuel Ratio) to ensure they stay within safe parameters. If EGT’s reach a set upper limit, then power is automatically reduced until the engine returns to a safe operating temperature.


The Revo Exhaust Overrun feature offers an audible crackle for those who want to announce their arrival. Exclusive to Sports Mode and only activated when within safe tolerances, this is more OEM+ than ‘pops and bangs’. Active during manual gear shifts, throttle lift-off or deaccelerating, extensive development ensures engine safety.


Using an SPS switch you can take advantage of the switch-ability of Revo software. The Patented OBD2 interface is the ultimate compliment to Revo performance software, giving you the ability to switch between 3 fuel quality modes and an Anti-Theft mode via the vehicle OBD port.

  • SPS Position 1 – Low Boost Mode
  • SPS Position 2 – 97ron Performance Mode
  • SPS Position 3 – 98ron Performance Mode
  • SPS Position 4 – 100ron Performance Mode

Simply select a program, plug in, wait a few seconds, remove the SPS device and start the car. It’s simple and there’s no fixed switch to install in the vehicle.


  1. HPFP upgrade not required on all vehicles.
  2. Revo TCU software required for DQ250 & DQ381 gearboxes.
  3. Additional SPS Software Switch purchase required.
  4. All Revo Software availability is ECU ID Dependant.
  5. The overrun feature is ECU ID Dependant.