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Revo Stage 1 – 2.0 Common Rail (184 BHP) MQB


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Product Description

  • Stock    181 bhp    280 lbft
  • REVO Stage 1 Software    205 – 220 bhp    325 – 340 lbft

Stage 1 software details for  2.0 Common Rail 184 (181 bhp)

We waited patiently for the new CR 184 to be released, working on the ECU technology before we started the calibration allowed us to complete our development on ‘port flashing’ meaning no ECU removal is required to install performance software on these vehicles.

Many comparisons are made between this 184 diesel engine and its petrol counterparts with the majority of reviews saying the petrol is the one to go for if you really want to enjoy your drive. Maybe that’s true in standard form but if you have our Stage1 software it’s a different story. The midrange punch lasts for longer, you don’t need to drop a gear or two to make the most of the engine but it can be get fun if you do work the engine hard. We give this engine more than enough performance for you to have fun, retaining the stock refinement and maximized power delivery and efficiency. With Stage1 on your diesel, the petrol doesn’t remain king you have a genuinely rapid diesel.


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