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2.0L TSi Timing Chain Replacment

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Product Description

2.0L TSi engine known as the EA888 we are on version 3 in the MK7 Golf.

Timing chain problems are an issue with this engine, even though the timing chain system has been designed to be fitted for the life of the vehicle and has no serviceable parts we are seeing problems. Not the only but the most common problem we are seeing is to do with the timing chain tensioner, this part hold the tension on the chain, it works by using oil pressure to provide tension, the oil pressure comes from the oil pump and is generated as the engine is started. The early versions of the tensioner have an issue where the chain tension is relaxed when the oil pressure is no present (engine off). This means for a split second when you start the engine the chain is relaxed enough to jump a tooth; this then puts out the timing and, in most cases, will put on the engine management light. If left and not fixed this issue will keep happening and result in permanent damage to the engine as the timing gets so far out the pistons meat the valves.

If you have a timing chain issue with this engine, we strongly recommend you get it investigated as soon as possible please don’t leave it. It will cost you a lot more if you do. We recommend replacing timing chain tensioner, timing chain, guide rails and all associated parts, there are quite a few. Depending on what version of the engine you have there are different superseded parts.

For example on the gen 3 engine fitted in the 2014 Golf R and S3, from 2016 the parts to do with timing in this engine have been revised to a newer design that will prevent this issue from happening again, we strongly recommend all the revised parts are fitted as part of the repair.

We have a huge amount of experience with the 2.0L TSi engine and have completed many timing chain replacements over the years. If you feel you have a timing chain issue, then get in touch.

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