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MK6 GTi Stage 3 K04 Turbo 360 + BHP

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  • April 24, 2016

With this customers car we have taken a stage approach to tuning, the K04 upgrade was the final piece of the puzzle. The car already has a turbo back exhaust system, High flow intake system, Uprated intercooler and an SPS Pro.

We fitted the K04 turbo along with the Revo big brake kit, uprated engine mounts and bilstein suspension.

TSI EA888 REVO RT991M100100Fixings RT991M100300

The Revo 2.0TSI Stage 3 K04 Turbo kit combined with Revo Stage 3 software can give up to 175hp and 170lbft peak increases over standard quoted figures with smooth power delivery and excellent drivability. The OEM baffle has been removed to increase flow allowing optimum performance from the turbocharger. Included in the package are all the gaskets, studs and seals required to mount the unit to your vehicle.


Revo offers replacement Engine, Transmission and Pendulum mounts as a complete kit.

Noise, vibration and harshness constraints are limiting factors within the OEM mount designs. These OEM restrictions limit the performance and drivability of upgraded vehicles, resulting in sloppy shifts under acceleration, poor engine response, and excessive wheel or axle hop. This drastically reduces the motor’s ability to put the power the pavement and increase the overall power output and performance of your vehicle.

This is the best strengthening package for your track or street driven vehicle! Once installed your car will be equipped to handle anything you throw at it!!


The Revo Big Brake Kit Upgrade is engineered to improve your stopping power in any condition. Whilst stock brakes are perfectly adequate for general driving; the braking system is often overlooked when enhancing a vehicles performance. The Revo brake kit is made by world leading brake manufacturer Alcon; utilising over 30years of motorsport braking innovation only the best materials, techniques and processes have been used.

In depth testing is a key factor in the development of our products; our brake kits have been aggressively tested in a variation of conditions in both road and track scenarios to ensure they meet the constant high stress of track days, sprints and fast road driving. Test kits were installed on our in house development vehicles along with a number of vehicles around the world and put through their paces to prove their worth over the stock setup; providing exceptional performance combined with consistency and durability you can rely on, corner after corner, stop after stop.

Made by world leading brake manufacturer Alcon, only the best materials, techniques and processes have been used, with every step of the manufacturing process completed in the UK. Alcon has been at the forefront of motorsport braking innovation for over 30 years.


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