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Milltek exahust system for 2015 Audi RS3

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  • February 10, 2016

Milltek sport exhaust system now available for 2015 Audi Rs3 Sportback

Milltek Sport couldn’t wait to add one new model to their Fast Fleet…the MQB-chassis Audi RS3 Sportback 2.5 TFSI.
The first Audi RS3, launched back in 2011, was a performance enthusiasts dream – 2.5 5-cylinder turbocharged engine, quattro all wheel drive and subtle but alluring looks. Vagtech has owned the MK1 RS3 for 4 years and has a full Milltek exhaust system installed and has bee very pleased with the should and quality of the system.


Milltek Sport has been developing and manufacturing performance exhaust systems for hot Audi’s for more than 30 years and instantly saw the potential in the RS3, adding one to their development fleet right from the model’s release date. They went on to dominate the market for Audi RS3 exhaust upgrades and are hoping to do the same with the latest RS3.


Milltek has already completed initial development of a range of performance exhaust systems that will be made available to all Audi RS3 owners around the World.
The new systems are now in final testing and we can confirm the sound is incredible and the performance gains are very noticeable!

The team at Vagtech cant wait to get their hands on the new exhaust system for the 2015 RS3 and fit it to their new RS3 that arrives in march.

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