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Re-opening 1st June

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  • May 9, 2020
We will be re-opening our workshop to customers on 1st June.

One of the key things we have always prided ourselves on is offering a friendly face to face service, but we must now follow very clear measures, for both your safety and ours. Unfortunately, we have to minimise the contact with have with our customers as much as possible so please consider the following when using our services.

Opening hours are now  from 9am to 5:30pm

If you think you are unwell or might pose a risk of transmitting infection then please rearrange your appointment. This is essential for the safety of all of us.

All bookings must be arranged in advance and we would prefer wherever possible that cars are dropped and left with us until work is completed.

We are not able to allow customers into our building or to use our facilities.

Ideally, we will take payment over the phone when the work is completed.

When you come to VAGtech to drop off your car we have built a new key drop off and collection counter just inside our main roller shutter door. This means you don’t have to touch any door handles or surfaces to drop off your keys, just walk in. Please obey social distancing measures if there is already someone at the counter. Our normal front door will be locked.

This new counter has a Perspex screen with a small opening at the bottom to pass the keys though. We have COVID-19 cleaning wipes on this counter to clean the keys when you pass them to us and again when we pass them back to you.

We will be cleaning the inside contact areas of customers cars before they enter our workshop and also again once works are completed. 

We will be cleaning our new key drop off area with COVID-19 anti-bacterial spray every day along with other areas and contact surfaces.

Staff will be wearing masks and workshop staff will be wearing gloves.

Loan Cars

Ideally, customers will not use loan cars as this is a shared vehicle, however, we realise that some customers will need to use this facility.  

From June 2020 we are implementing a digital loan car process to limit the contact we have with customers face to face in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Keeping our staff and customers safe is our number one priority.

Our loan cars will be cleaned before the customer collects them using our COVID-19 approved cleaning kits.

We need the customer to provide us with a copy of their driving licence before we can let them have a loan car, the government provide a convenient way to do this electronically via a website please follow the instructions below. This can be done up to 21 days in advance.

Customer must get a code from the gov web site and send it to us along with the last 8 digits of their driving licence number. Link below. 


When we have the driving licence information, we will fill in our loan car form and then send it to you for signing using Adobe sign, this is an industry recognised way of signing documents electronically. This will complete the loan car process.

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