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1st Revo SPS Pro installed

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  • January 26, 2015

1st Revo SPS Pro installed at Vagtech on MK6 GTi. Straightforward installation process and great features. We love the extra menus that are fully customizable to show the data that is required. Being able to manipulate the Revo software via the dash is great. A must have for any serious gadget person and enthusiast. Just being able to monitor your oil and water temps is a great feature let alone the vast amount of other things you can do.






The SPS Pro is an advanced control module that syncs with your vehicle via the CAN gateway giving you access to a host of functions and full control of Revo software settings and modes via the factory MFD (Multi Function Display) and controls.

The SPS Pro allows the user to:

  • Control Revo Software – Adjust modes and settings as can be done with a regular SPS. (For details of specific vehicles adjustability please use the software product search function on our homepage)
  • Full parameter list – Monitor up to 140 parameters in the vehicle and view them on the dash display
    Monitor real time engine sensor information – Set-up ‘user’ screens to display the data you want to view live from the vehicle sensors.
  • Time your performance – The built in chronometer allows race lovers to set stopwatch for acceleration and for laptime measurement.
  • Diagnostics and Comfort functions – Access common diagnostic coding functions from your Revo SPS Pro screen, as well as comfort functions such as rain sensors, light sensors etc.
  • Customise screens – Configure up to 10 virtual desktops in your display. Revo SPS Pro allows the use to select the parameters they wish to monitor
  • Safe-code vehicles with Anti-theft PIN – If your Revo software has an Anti-Theft mode the SPS Pro allows you to safeguard it by?  adding a four digit pin code that you select when enabling AT.
  • Mirror lowering function – Synchronise your mirrors to adjust to your preferred position when you engage reverse gear, returning to normal when disengaged from reverse.

Compatible with both red dot and white colour dot factory displays

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